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Many countries are using the tactics to familiarize its country's culture,history,traditions by national cuisine. Consequently for having an opinion about the people you must not only turn over the pages of history, but also taste the national, traditional dishes.The treasures of national cuisine must be preserved and be recognizable to the world for developing cuisine tourism.
TASTY TOUR Travel  Company is a newly formed company,but the organizers have a years of experience in organizing and executing travel projects in Armenia and in abroad. Since 1993  ''ALMAST'' Company has engaged by tourist activity.

The travel TV project  ''THE  THOUSANDS ONE SECRETS OF CUISINE'' have broadcasted by Public Television of Armenia, ''Ararat'' cultural and  Satellite TV channels in 2008-2010. It has realized the interesting, unique and delicious traveling to the historical settlements, cities and villages of Armenia. Its purpose is not only to admire  tourists with treasures of Armenian mountains, with churches, cross-stones, fortresses and castles from which is rich Armenia, but also to introduce with culture of national cuisine, rituals, traditions and the making of traditional dishes of thousand one secrets.
In ''Media'' section  we offer to watch interesting parts and photos from TV programes ''THE  THOUSANDS ONE SECRETS OF CUISINE''.

And  for this same purpose, for preservation, development and dissemination of traditional Armenian cuisine  TASTY TOUR Travel Company performs with the mission ''Tasty Tour Operator'' in  Armenia. Our company cooperates with ethnographers, artists, wine makers, culinary companies, cooks, guest houses, restaurants and with the traditionalist villagers.

As a lot of mountainous countries Armenia separates with rich resources too.The wonderful nature of our highland, the unique landscapes, the historical and cultural, rocky, miraculous monuments, the rich, various nature, the originality of Armenian village, the peculiarities of Armenian cuisine and the traditional hospitality are important factors for the development of agro, ethno and eco tourism.                                                                       
At present the agro tourism, where the cuisine and rural tourism are occupying a special place, which became one of the most important parts of the modern tourist industry. And the cuisine, rural and folk tours are occupying a special place in the tour programs of TASTY TOUR Travel Company.

During one tour we provide variety of tours, combines several services, as they say: a little bit of everything, such as, the combination of cultural, ethno, rural and cuisine tourism.
By travelling in Armenia tourists can admire with very various nature, historical and cultural heritage and the originality of Armenian village. Tourists can get to know with their lifestyle, habits, traditions, enjoy the traditional, rural healthy meal and communicate  with the secrets of the making national dishes and all these accompanied  by the national song and dance.
Explore  the taste and aroma of Armenia with TASTY TOUR.