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The cuisine is the special part of the culture of every people. For having an opinion about the people you must not only turn over the pages of history, but also taste the national,traditional dishes. ''TASTY TOUR'' Travel Company realizes the interesting,unique and delicious traveling to the historical settlements, cities and villages of Armenia. Its purpose is not only to admire tourists with treasures of Armenian mountains, with churches, cross-stones, fortresses and castles, from which is rich  Armenia, but also to introduce with treasures of national cuisine, with the thousand one secrets  of making national dishes, the traditions and the rituals.

Tasty tours will allow tourists to be in different places: in museums, in archaeological places, in wine and brandy factories, in wine houses, in fireplaces /tonir/, in guest houses, in rural and urban places, attached with the custom of making traditional foods and drinks.

Tourists will enjoy and will take part in the making of the whole process of Armenian traditional dishes: Khashlama, Tjvjik, Tolma with hemp, Fish with kutap, Choratan, Khash, Panrkhash, Arishta /noodles/, Bread with Zhngyal, Katnahunts, Khurjin, Gata and aromatic Lavash.

They will participate in national and religious holidays, rituals: New Year, Holy Easter, Trndez (Purification), Jan Gyulum or Ascension Day, Vardavar (Water Splashing) or the Transfiguration Day of Christ, Grape blessing or Feast Day of the Virgin, as well as they will participate in the preparation of the ritual foods: Harrisa, Ulli khorvu, Pasuc tolma, Khapama, which will be accompanied by the song and dance.

Tourists will also take part in the festivals and holidays devoted to national dishes: Tonraton, Khorovac,Tolma and Wine festivals.

They will know interesting facts, details of Armenian people historical, cultural and culinary art from the past.Will get acquainted with the peculiarities of national cuisine, the crowned dishes of Armenian famous cooks and the culinary talents of Armenian women.

They will participate in ''Masters classes'', in culinary competition, in ritual games, as well as they will be awarded by encouraging awards, souvenirs and diplomas for the best toastmaster, the title of the most successful tourist and for the making of Armenian dishes.

Tourists will have the opportunity to be in the Armenian villages,to get acquainted with the lifestyle and traditions of the traditionalist people, and the preparing some traditional dishes will accompanied by the national song and dance.

In accordance with your hobbies and offers will be organized various travelings, as well as there will be special tours for the ritual holidays, national foods, hunting, fishing and wine lovers.

The cuisine, rural and ethno tours are occupying a special place in ''TASTY TOUR'' Travel company's tour programs, during which before sitting around tables in fruitful gardens, tourists can get acquainted with the life of the village, the woman's culinery secrets, traditons and customs. They can taste not only national dishes and drinks, but also participate in various cooking processes, such as :the process of cooking lavash, gata, the making of traditional meals, dried fruits, juices, marmalades from different fruits and the making of homemade wine and other alcoholic drinks, etc. You can burn tonir yourself, you want to deal with the dough, please, you can ball and roll the dough with the help of the housewife, to feel the smell of traditional food and lavash cooked in tonir .

We have inherited from our ancestors rich and variety cuisine, culinary gems, dishes, and as people say.'' It is better to taste once than hear a thousand times''.

''TASTY TOUR'' Travel Company offers a variety of tours and you get pleasure for your rest.